The well being of the horse always comes first


Full service boarding - $950


Pay as you go - your horse @ $75 per lesson
Pay as you go - my horse @ $100 per lesson

Show support @ $100/day+ $1/mile shipping

Vet trips @ $100/day + $1/mile shipping

Training Packages

Half Training - $600/month

(Includes 3 rides/lessons a week)

Full Training - $900/month

(Includes 5 rides/lessons a week)

Rehabbing - $600/month

(Includes 6 days riding a week)

Includes stalls with paddocks, cleaned twice a day, 24 x 7 hay available in slow feeder hay bags, grain fed once a day, blanketing/unblanketing based on the days temperature not time. Holding for vet, farrier, chiropractor and turnout when needed. 24hr supervision