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Horses for sale

Lil' Man                                Bay gelding, 15hh, 4 years old                                                     $25k

4 year old Friesian cross gelding pony. He's a beautiful bay horse who absolutelky loves his human. He's had a lovely start to his career on the trails in Pennsylvania, and is now continuing his training in California. He's been ridden English and Western - he's a super solid ride - especially for Adult amateurs or kids. He can carry a 5ft 8" person quite comfortably. 


Although he's young he has a great mind - he is smart, eager to learn, soft mouth, responsive to legs and keen to work. (And so much fun to ride!) He moves like a friesian with the high knee action, but he's not lazy at all like a lot of Friesians. He is fully voice trained, and you can control him from the ground even when someone is on him. He has a heck of a stop on him so be careful when you say 'Whoa'...


He's not a spooky horse, he has quite a lot of confidence with new things. Super easy to ride, safe for yong riders. Super easy on the ground. Most recently he has been used for lessons with a 10 year old, and an adult amateur.  


HSF Braveheart                           Bay gelding,  17.3hh, 4 years old                                               $45k

Sam is a beautiful young Irish Sport Horse. He is very big, and strong - but he's a gentle giant. He's still working out where his legs are as he's just coming through a growth spurt. He's beautifully bred for jumping - and it comes very easily to him. He is free jumping easily over 4ft oxers... but its his mind that I love. The first time I sent him down the jump chute he got a cookie at the end. That was the last time I have ever had to  lead him into the chute. He got the idea and just took himself down it after that. 

He's easy to handle on the ground, loads great, easy to shoe, has been to a couple of shows as a spectator - and has handled the atmosphere with ease. He's walk/trot/canter solid starting to jump little jumps under saddle. I'm taking him slowly as he's still growing into himself. 

sam head.jpg

He's best suited to a large adult as he is a big horse and will take some strength to put him together adequately. He is extremely powerful and will definitely make an excellent jumper but he moves well enough to be a solid eventing prospect as well. So far he has not shown any spookiness to anything.   

Sam-free jumping-2.jpg
Sam-free jumping-3.jpg
Sam-free jumping-1.jpg
Sam-free jumping-4.jpg
Sam jumping under saddle1.jpg
Sam jumping under saddle4.jpg
Sam jumping under saddle2.jpg
Sam jumping under saddle.jpg
Sam jumping under saddle3.jpg

Kazakhstan (Rose)                   Chestnut OTTB Mare, 4 years old                                    $8,500 obo

Lovely ground manners, easy to handle, good to lunge and work with – absolute sweetheart mare. Only raced once and then came off and was given a few months to let down before restarting under saddle. She’s smart, great mind, handles most situations really well – and when she does spook its just a little sidestep. She’s just started jumping on the lunge line and is showing a good technique. Very elastic in her back, and her front end is quick and clean. Loads well, good for the farrier.


She has a beautiful canter – very soft and light. W/T/C solid – trotting small jumps with a rider on. Goes quietly in a snaffle. Ready to go on with an amateur… You’re getting a lovely horse that will become a stunning horse with some more training. No soundness issues, no behavior issues, no health issues.

Rose-standing front on.jpg
Rose-walking loose.jpg
Rose-canter on the lunge.jpg
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